We do not actively seek donations to finance our activities. However, if you like what we do and are interested in contributing, we are pleased to offer the opportunity to do so by sponsoring a spring in your name, or that of a loved one or organisation. It is a great way to contribute directly and efficiently to the wellbeing of the very poor who lack access to clean and safe water and to also give someone a truly meaningful gift.

We are able to leverage the efficient system we have in place for protecting springs to minimise the cost to you. For 400USD we are able to build a spring on your behalf that can serve clean and safe water to a community of 100 to 500 or more people, sometimes even including a whole school. We provide full transparency and only pass on the costs incurred by us. This includes the supervision expertise required to design and construct the spring using the most durable materials. Each spring is then inaugurated with a commemorative etched-brass plaque (in your name or that of someone else), a tree planting at the site and an introduction on spring maintenance and hygiene given by an official from the Ministry of Health.


Gifting a spring can be a meaningful present for a variety of occasions and contexts, including birthdays or anniversaries. Or perhaps you would like to protect a spring in the name of a child or grandchild (to raise their awareness of the suffering of other children in this world – in this case we would have the children of the community hold a sign, e.g. “Thank you Jane, for clean and safe water”) Or maybe your company would like to give a donation for a good cause.

In each case, we will provide you with details and images of the spring for you to share with the honoured recipient. This will include:

  • the geographical coordinates of the spring to remotely identify the exact location
  • photo documentation of the site, the completed spring, and the inauguration ceremony
  • photos of the on-site brass plaque, engraved with your or the recipient’s name
  • a letter of thanks from the community
  • an official document from the local authority, confirming the protection of the spring (usually available 2-3 month after receiving your donation

The protected spring is then  YOUR SPRING !

For more information on how we protect springs go to Spring Protection Project. Please also check out our Spring Protection Video.

We are also able to protect springs on a larger scale for organizations without the requisite experience and capability to directly launch water projects. We take care of the entire process and guarantee full transparency. You can be sure that every single penny goes directly to people deprived of clean water, and the entire process is documented on your behalf.


You could also help with a WATER-HARVESTING TANK for irrigation at one of our schools to support their agriculture activities.

A 10 000 liter tank costs 800USD. We take over the entire costs for the transport and installation of the tank, the roof water-harvesting system, as well as the connected irrigation system. Your or the recipient’s name would be inscribed very visibly on the tank. All of the same documentation outlined above, including an official letter of thanks from the schools also signed by an official from the Ministry of Education, would be sent to you after installation of the tank and the irrigation system.

If you would like to sponsor a spring or water-tank, please send us an e-mail at We will reply promptly within a donor form to complete and payment instructions. THANK YOU!

Safe drinking water and adequate sanitation are crucial for poverty reduction, crucial for sustainable development and crucial for achieving any and every one of the Millennium Development Goals

Ban  Kee-moon,  former UN Secretary General

Water is fundamental for life and health. The human right to water is indispensable for leading a healthy life in human dignity. It is a pre-requisite to the realization of all other human rights.

The United Nations Committee on Economic, Cultural and Social Rights